About Us

Cory graduated from UCSF Dental School in 1980 and has been practicing in the union square area of San Francisco since 1983. He is active in organized dentistry and currently taking extensive continuing education to keep up with the latest in dentistry.

Health Centered Dentistry

We have all seen what happens when a person does not take care of themselves; it doesn’t show at first but sooner of later it is very evident. They do not look good, they get sick, they get sicker and the inevitable happens. There is a direct parallel in dentistry. A healthy mouth does not break down as fast as an unhealthy one. Our practice strives to help our patients achieve health and prevent disease. We want our patients to look good, feel great and eat anything they want as they grow older.

Dental Disease

Almost all of a dentist’s day is taken by fighting three diseases: dental decay, gum disease, and problems with the bite. Most people are familiar with decay. Acids from bacterial metabolism destroy tooth structure and insult the nerve of the tooth. In gum disease bacteria cause an infection in the gums, which destroys the supporting bone around the teeth. Bite problems cause excess wear, cracking and breaking of teeth, sensitivity, and bone loss. So three diseases to control to be healthy; how is it done?

Requirements for Dental Health

Dental health involves so much more than just diagnosis and treatment. It involves informed trusting relationships. It involves motivation and competence. It involves an excellent dental team. Give us a call, stop by, get to know us, we would love to talk to you about how we can help.